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We finance your IT, we build your team, we industrialize your product.

The concept of services for equity is a method of funding that grants startups access to key resources that will boost their development and growth in exchange for shares in their company. This model is perfect for startups; it gives quick and simultaneous access to funds and high value-added IT expertise provided by committed service providers coordinated by Pentalabbs.

In addition to strategic consulting and fundraising support, Pentalabbs also plays the role of a strategic industrial partner that is emotionally and financially involved in the heart of your startup: the technology.           

We are Pentaguys and position ourselves as an industrial strategic partner.

Pentalabbs is the financial armed wing of Pentalog, the one stop shop for digital consulting, IT/digital recruitment and strategic design. Over 1000 Pentaguys, 850 of which are developers, actively assisting clients with their growth and development strategies. Thanks to Pentalabbs and its Services for Equity concept, the Pentalog digital platform is able to finance and make available these IT and digital resources to some of the most ambitious companies in the world.

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