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Yes, of course.
The average amount invested by Pentalabbs is between 50k and 300k, with the possibility of staggered participation.
Dilution depends on the raised amount of the valuation of the startup but also what Pentalabbs estimated the value of the startup. There is not a single amount because it depends on the real impact that will have Pentalabbs investment in the startup. It depends on the number of investors on the same round table and especially the level of maturity of the startup (Seed, series A...). Current investments range from a few percent to tens of percent but always in a minority position.
We only invest in companies who already have a Minimum Viable Product, a significant traction and if possible a few first customers. As a result, we become partner usually during Seed, Series A, B, or C. We invest in all sectors where there is a strong techno need and for which we can have an impact.
Yes indeed, we invest only in equity participation, never in cash. We are a technology partner and we bring the establishment of a technology roadmap and a digital strategy.
You can contact us via our contact form and a member of the Pentalabbs team will enter into communication with you.
A Pentalog internal project manager will get in touch with the startup during or after the validation of the investment. Then, it will identify and quantify need, either techno or digital marketing (or both).
Insofar as our services is bought and paid by the investment, everything that is developed by the startup belongs to it. Check out this article to learn more.
It can happen according to needs, we transfer a part of the team as part of the investment. As for example was the case for our startups Aktan or Rue de la Paye.
Any type of contract, including the convertible notes/convertible bonds or directly from stock exchange.
No. The team of entrepreneurs should we able to fund his 1st MVP by herself in order to get its first evidence of traction. We still offer the realization of MVP with strategic guidance on the topics of business and research funding via our MVP Factory.  

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