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In recent years, more and more big caps have turned to intrapreneurship. Why? Perhaps because of the endless benefits it may bring: acquiring a powerful strategic monitoring tool, investing in promising startups that may be interested in the Group’s business, retaining and improving one’s high potential, communicating a dynamic HR image, etc.

Project leaders are faced with two major forces: funding and communication. However, after having discussed with different big caps, we have identified a common intrapreneurial issue:

How can project leaders move away from standards and processes adapted to the big caps’ issue if they need to be agile and act near the limits to be able to innovate?

This is why we propose big caps our action mode. We have even assisted a world leader in automobile equipment with the coaching of its team and project leader for 9 months. Our support consisted in business analysis, service/product design, the definition of their POC and the related technological roadmap.

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