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Discover Pentalog wide range of financial operations centered around two main needs.

Looking for a particular technology or company within a partnership, investment round or acquisition?

The Pentalog digital platform’s portfolio of clients and investments counts over 300 international startups, including leaders of the IoT, ecommerce, healthcare, energy and smart grid markets, as well as several Nasdaq’s top companies.

Pentalog is also a trustworthy partner of unicorns and blue chips, accompanying them all the way to success. We are proud to have introduced European and American startups to Fortune 500 leaders in vertical sectors such as telecom, energy or commodities.

In 2015, we leaded the sales of Easyflyer to Cimpress, the parent company of Vistaprint and international leader on the web-to-print market. In the meantime, we have actively invested in European and American startups along with important players such as Kima Ventures, 500 Startups or Panasonic Ventures based on our IT for Equity model (Invest together). At the end of 2016, we acquired RevSquare, the NYC-based agency as part of the Pentalog digital platform’s strategy.

Our IT and financial experts can thus help you identify your targets either via a partnership, investment round or acquisition and ensure your technical due diligence.

Looking to ramp up a nearshore IT team and make it your own afterwards?

Following 20 years of constant operations in 4 offshore and nearshore countries, the Pentalog digital platform has become more and more influential on the IT market. SkillValue, Pentalog’s HR spin-off, has assessed the technical skills of over 150 000 developers across 9 countries and coming from 150 universities and over 10 000 companies. All this data is available and ranked according to a technical scale that we are using on different projects on a daily basis.

We have also set up and manage 8 delivery centers with 1 000 persons. In 2015, we sold one of them to a top European digital company in BOT (Build Operate Transfer) mode several years after a first joint venture. Only last year we successfully operated 2 JVs and managed 2 important BOT operations.

We are thus capable of assisting all types of companies or, more specifically, digital companies with the ramp up of a dedicated white-label IT production team via a JV or in BOT mode.

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