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We provide our Pentalog team dedicated to MVPs creation to ambitious startups.

Are you a startup looking for developers to develop your MVP?

Or maybe an accelerator/incubator seeking to bring technological added-value to your startups ?

If so, the MVP Factory by Pentalabbs is especially designed for you!

An experienced team dedicated to the creation of MVPs for startups

If what you need is a commando team to help you release as soon as possible your first MVP with the right features, then you are in the right place! In order to meet this challenge, our MVP Factory team is composed of a Scrum Master, front-end and back-end developers, designers and mobile (IOS & Android) developers covering the wide range of the existing web and mobile technologies (Java, .net, Php, framework, node.js, angular etc.)! This team, selected by Pentalabbs out of Pentalog’s pool of 700 engineers, is part of a bigger team working for Meetic, Sharalike,, Bitgym

All Pentalog engineers have a shared goal in mind: meeting the digital startups’ quick and qualitative development needs, being thoroughly trained on the AGILE development methods that are also called adaptive development. Our MVP Factory thus uses the SCRUM method based on sprint iterations that will help you reach your MVP in no time:

– beta-test your features during each sprint (or every two weeks),
– choose the features you want to develop between sprints and thus have control over the end product,
– stop the development at any time if you consider your technological solution is ready.

This method, reinforced by the vast outsourcing experience of our partner Pentalog that has a portfolio of more than 50% international startups, will help you create your MVP at costs managed and adapted according to your startup resources and needs.

Project mangement & coaching by startup experts

The MVP Factory by Pentalabbs will coach you all the way through the design and creation of your MVP. The Pentalabbs’s and Pentalog’s experience makes available high-level knowledge and consulting services to startup issues. We are more than fit to assist you with the Product Owner role with the ultimate goal of creating your MVP within the deadlines and in full compliance with the required features.

For both startups and accelerators!

If you are a startup accelerator seeking to bring technological added-value to all of the above, contact us
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