Services for Equity


Services for Equity investments

The concept of services for equity is a method of funding that grants startups access to key resources that will boost their development and growth in exchange for shares in their company. This model is perfect for startups; it gives quick and simultaneous access to funds and high value-added IT expertise provided by committed service providers coordinated by Pentalabbs. The tech-oriented services that we exchange for equity (IT, CTO, digital marketing) are delivered by Pentalog, an international digital platform dedicated to serving both startups and big-caps. The Pentalog platform offers access to the best IT & digital resources at the best cost/efficiency ratio. Pentalabbs’ Media for Equity and Logistics for Equity investment offers are executed by our partners who are leaders in their respective sectors.

Beyond providing IT expertise, the Pentalabbs team assists startups develop their tech & business strategies and acts as a technology guarantor for other private and public investors, making them available to Pentalog’s ecosystem:

– 350 startup clients and new leaders in the UK, USA, France, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, etc.
– Pentalabbs’ portfolio of 25 startups (France, USA, Romania)
– Many client, partner or co-investor big caps in the energy, telecom, banking & finance, software publisher, e-commerce, transportation, and other  fields.

In addition to strategic consulting and fundraising support, Pentalabbs also plays the role of a strategic industrial partner that is emotionally and financially involved in making your startup a success.     

IT for Equity

This service provides startups with dedicated and flexible technical teams that are specialized in the use of agile methodologies and are jointly managed by the startup and Pentalog’s project directors.

CTO for Equity

This service helps startups adopt the best practices in their field and choose the most appropriate technical organization for their business.

Digital Marketing for Equity

This offer is designed to meet a startup’s need to gain traction via strategic and operational support.

Sales for Equity

This service is meant to help startups quickly open their doors to sales, especially in the case of long startup sales cycles.

Media for Equity

This will help mature startups fulfill their mass communications needs, giving them the means to spread the word about their projects.

Logistic for Equity

This gives e-commerce startups the opportunity to focus on their core business while experts work on improving their client services.


TEAM FIRST ° Pentalabbs trusts its founders’ experience and tight knit team. We have often worked with companies made up of groups of very close friends or even relatives! In our opinion, strong relationships are essential for a startup’s success in the long run.

BUSINESS MODEL & VISION ° Our entrepreneurs focus on B2B and B2C markets, offering services that bring our customers a real added value. Their vision goes beyond France’s borders. We believe and invest in companies with a promising business model.

EXECUTION ° Execution results are proof of a product’s added value. At this stage, Entrepreneurs have already convinced their first customers, have negotiated strategic partnerships or have experienced significant organic customer growth.

STRATEGIC VALUE ° The resources we invest, especially the IT resources, must allow companies to propel their business to the next level. Thus we are looking for startups that will benefit the most from our strategic support.

MATURITY ° Given these criteria, we usually become a stakeholder during the following funding rounds: SEED / SERIES A / SERIES B.

How it works ?

1st contact
Day one – Month 0
Contact us

Feedback on the 1st analysis after the 1st contact
We will reply to you under D+2

Exchanges between the Pentalabbs analysis team and co-founders

Pentalabbs Board
Analysis of your project by Pentalabbs board
Go/No Go: if the file is accepted, it goes to the next step
Feedback collection from BAs and partner funds

Detailed analysis of the IT need and other resources
Analysis of the need with a Pentalog project director and several technical experts
Investment proposal from the provider/investor
Negotiation on %
Discussion regarding the fund raising device
Recovery of additional investment promises (BAs, funds)
Study of the additional public investment option

Pentalog Board
Definition of conditions and final validation of the investment
–> Team kick-off according to the defined roadmap

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