CTO For Equity

Give to your team an experienced CTO in order to gain agility in the delivery of your product

The CTO for Equity model

The CTO for Equity program allows startups to integrate a Pentalog technical expert into their team. This technical expert will offer his expertise to overcome development and recruitment obstacles, saving time while increasing quality. Our CTO for Equity offer is specifically designed for startups that lack an in-house technical department. Its aim is to help innovative companies adopt the best technical practices for their business. Furthermore, our CTO for Equity support allows startups to prepare for tomorrow’s IT challenges. The CTO and his team intervene in a startup’s digital transformation on two levels: its IS’s architecture and Agile transformation (workflow, modeling, process optimization and industrialization) on the one hand, and its strategic and operational management on the other. The final goal is to ensure the provision of reliable and secure cloud services.

At Pentalabbs, CTO for Equity investments are often linked to an IT for Equity investment where the CTO will recruit the startup’s technical teams in accordance with the startup’s internal needs.

They trust our CTO for Equity model

Like A Bird

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Fred de la Compta

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Rue de la Paye

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CTO by Pentalog & Soluti

Our senior CTOs are available via the Pentalog digital platform, in partnership with the WebTech Soluti agency, which brings its startup experience and mindset, as well as its high value-added technical know-how.

All of the Pentalog Group’s 850 developers use Agile development methodologies. CTOs have implemented these work methods for many of our client startups. Startups are an important part of Pentalog’s client portfolio. We have first-hand experience working with them and know how they function. The Pentalog CTOs integrated by a startup uses this knowledge which is supported by our best tools to help them implement an optimal technical organization while saving a lot of time.

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