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Benefit from different marketing services in exchange for capital shares

The Digital Marketing for Equity model

RevSquare, the Pentalog platform’s digital marketing entity, along with Pentalabbs can help startups fulfill their digital marketing needs using their expertise in fields ranging from SEO, SEA, UX/UI and marketing automation to content strategy, social media and many others. Pentalog’s service providers and consultants are selected according to their level of expertise in web marketing and digital strategy. We reinforce their expertise using our experience working with startups to improve the performance of our clients’ digital marketing campaigns.

The Digital Marketing for Equity offer proposed by Pentalabbs mainly benefits digital startups. These digital startups can receive web marketing services at discount rates and in preferential conditions. Our commitment as a digital marketing service provider is especially strong given our position as a shareholder in the companies we work with; this makes Pentalog as motivated as you are to make your startup a success. Our agile methodology allows the startups we work with to benefit from consulting, resources and solutions within a short timeframe. Our Digital Marketing for Equity services are also flexible and can be adapted depending on our client’s strategy and objectives.

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Digital Marketing by Pentalog and RevSquare

The Pentalog digital platform is capable of building and deploying a startup’s marketing strategies on all digital media platforms. Startups make up a large percentage of our clients. It is for them that we have built custom processes to provide digital marketing services with a high impact on a startup’s acceleration.

The Pentalog digital platform uses its technical expertise to digitize startup processes with the goal of reducing client acquisition costs and improving user experience. We also focus on the mass customization of services and products. Thanks to RevSquare, our entity based in NY City specialized in content strategy and marketing automation, we are capable of providing services in all digital fields, from both a user and technical perspective. These services turn our Digital Marketing for Equity investment formula into real added value for any web marketing strategy you may have. The New York Times, The Economist, Voyage-Privé and Opitrip are just of few of our clients that have already benefitted from our expertise in digital marketing

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