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Logistic for Equity investment


As an e-commerce startup you need lean management of your stock and quick service delivery at the best cost. As your traction and growth accelerate you will be confronted with challenges related to scalability and keeping up with customer demand.

Logistics remains an important component of e-commerce client satisfaction and an essential criterion in terms of cost. Imagine hundreds of transport professionals, a logistics platform of 500 000 m2 near the Paris and an eco-friendly urban delivery network spread over the 22 most important French cities at your service whenever you need them.


A logistics leader at international level

With over 2 000 collaborators, a logistics platform of over 500 000 m2 and a sales figure of €200M, Pentalabbs’ logistics partner is a reliable provider for all of an e-commerce startup’s logistics and transport needs. We can ensure upstream transport, reception/unpacking/anti-theft, quality control, storage, stock tracking and quarantine management, a cross docking organization of the logistics flow, preparation of BtoB and BtoC orders, packaging and multimodal national, European and international transport (by air, sea, road) of your goods. You will also receive support for product tracking until goods reach their final delivery point in order to increase the satisfaction of your BtoB and/or BtoC customers.

Recognized for its skills, service quality and customer-oriented and innovative attitude, Pentalabbs is dedicated to your startup’s success at both a national and international level by providing you with a high quality logistics partner.

Benefits of the Logistics for Equity offer for startups

1) Growth objectives: you can focus on your growth objectives while being assured that your activity peaks will not be hampered by logistical shortcomings.

2) Commitment: you will team up with a logistics partner who is also a shareholder and who is entirely committed to and interested in your startup’s success.

3) Agility: logistics infrastructure, human resources, technical means and expertise in freight transportation at your service.

Choose Pentalabbs’s Logistics for Equity offer, the best way to integrate logistics specialists into your e-commerce startup. Logistics experts will analyze all the issues related to your web distribution channel and offer you custom solutions. They will help your startup grow and come up with the best logistics solutions for cost, deadline and service quality optimization.

Get started on the right foot and be prepared for sudden order peaks. Get consulting advice from the best transport and logistics professionals who deliver Pentalabbs’ Logistics for Equity offer.

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