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Benefit from advertising campaigns in exchange for capital shares

The Media for Equity investment

For B2C startups that enjoy significant user community traction as well as high visibility on social networks at a national level, the need to communicate via more powerful media outlets (TV, advertising, radio, and press) is often a priority. However, the cost and the strategic experience necessary to work with these media channels is a barrier that can be difficult to overcome. Our Media for Equity model allows startups to benefit from advertising campaigns at competitive rates that leave no major impact on their budget.

Media for Equity with Pentalabbs and 5M Ventures

Founded in 2012, 5M Ventures quickly climbed up the ranks and became the number one French Media for Equity investment fund. Unlike the funds created by media groups themselves, our partner is the only French actor to aggregate different types of media into the same fund. While our IT for Equity offer boosts the size and profile of your teams, our Media for Equity offer increases a startups’ impact by giving it access to multiple communications channels. 5M Ventures has already invested  almost €15M in a dozen companies, fueling more than twenty different media campaigns.

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