Citygoo is the first proximity carpooling application in real time. Extremely useful for getting around faster, cheaper, and safer!

Unlike planned carpooling for long journeys between cities, the service allows its members to get a ride at the last minute, no prior booking required, in suburbs or downtown, thanks to an innovative technology combining geolocation and intelligent matching. The user-friendly Citygoo application connects individuals for occasional journeys in peri-urban areas and suburbs via online payment, all in a simple, secure, and rapid manner.


Pentalabbs teamed up with this startup based on a technology for equity partnership and now ensures the development and maintenance of its platform.

Patrick Clough, CEO of Citygoo: “I decided to join Pentalabbs following a first year of successful collaboration. The professionalism and commitment of the development team we worked with really impressed us. The Pentalabbs Management Board also took into account our strategic vision and assistance needs. The main asset of the technology for equity approach is that you team up with a partner that brings a vast technical expertise together with essential resources, when necessary, its resource flexibility in particular being a big plus. Citygoo’s target is to become the first urban carpooling platform that shortens routes when poorly served by public transportation means, reduces driver costs and spares users of travelling alone in the big cities.


Twitter: @Citygooo


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