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Like A Bird is the first SaaS platform for Twitter account animation by organizing marketing operations. With just a few clicks, agencies and big brands can deploy, among other things, contests such as Follow&RT and Strip-Tweet or viral mechanisms relying on an intelligent bot: BotOReply. They can thus boost both their business presence and interactions with their communities on Twitter. No need for a specific expensive development or a CM focused solely on redundant tasks for each operation: automation and simplicity are the keywords that define our solution!


In October 2015, Pentalabbs has integrated the capital of Like A Bird and subsequently holds the position of industrial strategic partner. The Pentalabbs investment in Technology for Equity, CTO for Equity and Digital Marketing for Equity will allow Like A Bird to benefit from:

  • a delivery center dedicated to the development and maintenance of its technological solution,
  • a temporary CTO that will support them in taking over the technical teams, implementing the Agile best practices, organizing the release of new features, and,
  • the expertise of digital marketing consultants in order to optimize user acquisition and retention.

Expanding the startup’s presence on the Anglo-Saxon markets (US, UK, etc.) is also one of the objectives set by the Pentalabbs/Like A Bird partnership.


Pierrick Filippi, CEO of Like A Bird, and Rémi Grattarola, MD of Like A Bird, say that:

At the exact moment our activity was registering a boom Pentalabbs emerged as the investor able to rapidly support our growth by bringing human resources and cutting-edge expertise to our technical platform and acquisition channels.

At present, we know we have all it takes to achieve our ambitions: providing a marketing operation management and follow-up solution to worldwide companies via Twitter, while continuing to innovate around the services offered to these companies via Twitter.


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