Opitrip.com is the first comparator for collaborative tourism offers. What the startup puts forward is a site where you can compare more than 2M properties in 100 000 destinations around the world, 100 000 carpooling offers everywhere in Europe and more than 20 000 car rental offers among individuals in France! The success of this young French startup run by the Geoffroy brothers also relies on a dozen of partnerships with major players on the collaborative economy market such as Abritel, BlaBlaCar or even Koolicar.


IT for Equity: we have made available a technical team allowing the continuous development of their new features for a better user experience.
Digital Marketing for Equity: the digital marketing support is meant to reach the maximum number of users for this type of services. Moreover, the Pentalabbs ecosystem allows to identify and enable interactions and collaborations in order to boost Opitrip’s growth and help them extend at both European and international level.

Loïc and Ludovic Geoffroy, Opitrip co-founders:

“Linking up with a partner such as Pentalabbs only came as natural to us. Pentalabbs has become one of Opitrip’s most powerful assets. Thanks to their service for equity model, we can now benefit from their technical and marketing expertise. They knew how to listen to us and identify our needs and help us build our strategic vision. The simple fact of having Pentalabbs on our side is an unfair advantage as they share their incredible network.

Opitrip’s objective is to become the search meta-engine of the sharing economy approach, which now offers us the means to reach our ambitions.


Website: https://www.opitrip.com/
Facebook: @opitrip
Twitter: @opitrip
Email: team@opitrip.com


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