PickmeCab is a company specialized in cost effective and environmentally-friendly person transportation. Their innovative services are a reliable and economical alternative to usual transportation means. In order to successfully carry out its growth project, PickmeCab chose Pentalabbs to develop its strategy and technological tools in accordance with market needs.

Pentalabbs has developed PickmeCab’s e-commerce platform (Magento, PHP) and completely redesigned the site with a whole new perspective in the online sale of this type of services. The team has also created and developed a calculus algorithm for route pricing by optimizing distances while taking in consideration various parameters such as traffic-flow conditions and urban constraints.


Pickmecab has chosen Pentalabbs to help them, via an IT for Equity investment, with their project growth strategy as well as the development of their technological tools in compliance with market needs.
Pentalog Software Factory has intervened on the development of Pickmecab’s e-commerce (Magento, PHP) platform via a new online sales approach to this type of services and the entire redesign of their site. The team has equally designed and developed a calculation algorithm for the pricing of itineraries by optimizing distances and taking into account different parameters such as traffic conditions and urban constraints.
For vehicle reservation processing and follow-up, Pentalog Software Factory has developed a native app for Android /IOS tablets, used by Pickmecab drivers.

Khalid Sadiki, founding CEO of PickmeCab: “Pentalabbs allowed us to validate our innovative business model by virtualizing our commercial system and developing our affiliate program.”


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Website: http://www.pickmecab.fr/
Facebook: @pickmecab
Twitter: @Pickmecab


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