SkillValue is the IT and Digital recruitment partner who goes the extra mile with you.
This startup offer a full-stack service solution: recruitment, technical assessment, coding exercises and hackathons, through which you can assess, attract and engage your IT community.
SkillValue cover a large range of technologies and we’re always enriching the catalogue, because just like you, we strive to be better, to learn more and in a smarter way.


We can help you find and recruit the best talent on the market thanks to our database of assessed candidates. Our recruitment team has an IT and engineering background.
Our promise: 100% transparency, 100% ownership and alternative methods of talent sourcing, with a global reach.

Talent Sourcing

You do your recruitment internally, but you need help sourcing the right profiles?
Tell us your needs and we will provide you a shortlist of assessed candidates, matching your expectations.

IT Skills Assessment:

You want to hire quicker and better?  Our SaaS solution is an IT assessment tool that enables companies to pre-select candidates and automatically assess their IT skills in web development languages, operating systems, databases, mobile apps and more (MCQ, coding, algorithm). You can integrate it easily in your process of recruitment.


Hacking is creative problem solving.
Do you need a technology-centric approach with the IT community?
Do you need to engage with your (future) employees in a smart way, to boost your employer brand or to know where the right talent for your company is?
Let’s tailor your Hackathon according to your technical needs, and provide an opportunity for developers to learn something new.


SkillValue is the first startup created by Pentalog & Pentalabbs in startup studio mode.

At the beginning, SkillValue was designed to meet the Pentalog Group’s recruitment needs. But the recruitment agency has soon found its own path and has become a renowned brand in the IT world. Its asset consists of its low-cost business model associated with an online assessment platform and a matching process focused on a database of over 200 000 expert profiles, most of them rare and readily-available skills. SkillValue’s recruitment capacity is constantly increasing, having reached an average of 500 profiles per year. The startup is now autonomous and generates an already stable sales figure.


Facebook: @SkillValue
Twitter: @_SkillValue


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