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Pentaguys and their startups are already there. 

Pentalabbs is the financial armed wing of Pentalog, the one stop shop for digital consulting, IT/digital recruitment and strategic design. 850 of Pentalog’s 1 000 Pentaguys are actively assisting clients with their growth and development strategies. Thanks to Pentalabbs and its Services for Equity concept, the Pentalog digital platform is able to finance and make available these IT and digital resources to some of the most ambitious companies in the world.

Irrespective of your maturity level, activity sector or market, the Pentalog digital platform will help you:

  • Design your product (business model, features, UX/UI) via Revsquare,
  • Develop, maintain, support and supervise your product in the cloud 24/7 at the best quality/cost ratio, irrespective of the market technology chosen,  via Pentalog Software Factory,
  • Implement and operate a marketing roadmap based on content, audience and marketing automation strategies via Revsquare,
  • Fund your technology and/or digital resources in Services for Equity mode via Pentalabbs,
  • Recruit your own teams (recruitment services, IT skills assessment, IT hackathons) via Skillvalue or a BOT (Build Operate Transfer) mechanism via Yourshore.

Some figures

  • The Pentalog brands are addressing 20 countries and are expected to generate sales of over 30% in 2017, meaning almost 40M euros
  • Pentalog Software Factory will assist over 200 companies (for a total of 700) in 2017, from startups, new leaders, European and American unicorns to renowned big caps
  • Most of these companies have chosen Pentalog for at least one service, 90% of them for two services, 50% for 3 services and 10% for 4+ services
  • To ensure both our growth and the growth of our clients (“You need a team of 10 Python developers? You can ramp-up your team in as little as a 2 weeks’ time and fully staff it in maximum 6”, Frédéric Lasnier, CEO Pentalog), SkillValue and its community of 300 000 developers, 150 000 of whom have already self-assessed themselves via our online IT skills assessment tests and IT hackathons, meaning 1% of the worldwide developers, step in. SkillsValue also recruits 500 new developers per year
  • The NYC-based agency, RevSquare, assists over 50 clients with strategic consulting, UX/UI, content production management (over 300 active and readily available journalists) and marketing automation. These clients are mainly media looking for new business models or companies seeking a better media positioning (The New York Times, The Economist, Play Bac, Arte, Reach MD, Essec, etc.)
  • Over 5M euros invested so far in Services for Equity and especially in IT for Equity mode via 20 European and American startups

This allows us to position ourselves as a strategic industrial partner that is financially but also personally involved in the implementation of your technology roadmap.

We are your Strategic Industrial Partner


Pentalabbs provides startups, via the Pentalog digital platform, with high added-value technological and digital services. These services allow startups to benefit from the expertise of the entire Pentalog digital platform, as well as from its international network of clients specialized in various activity sectors.


Our experience and expertise give startups an industrial dimension both in terms of production speed and quality via Pentalog’s Software Delivery Machine.


Via our Services for Equity investment model, we play the role of a minority long-term partner. This model guarantees startups the full involvement of our teams since we become both a high value-added service provider AND an entrepreneurial investor.

Battle proven ecosystem

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